We have chosen to breed doodles because we believe they are fabulous family members. All our dogs weigh between 35- 50 lbs.  They are amazing at adapting to their family and wonderful to train. They are no shed for allergy sufferers.  They are each in the top ten list of smartest dogs(Poodle, Golden retriever and Labrador retriever)  The doubledoodles are our choice for very small children. They are 3/4 poodle so they are as close as we can get to no shed.  Our families rave about  them.  The mix of the three breeds produces a healthy dog that is loyal, friendly and smart.  We also find this breed to be submissive and willing to follow.   They are friendly with everyone and very social with other animals.  Our Mini Australian Labradoodles would be our choice for sever allergy sufferers or those wanting to assure ZERO shedding.  They are CKC registered.  We find they are great for active families on the go.  They also are very social and friendly and are better with children 5 and up.

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