Downeast doodles

Welcome to our Downeast Doodles family! We are so excited about our new Australian Labradoodles.  This is an exciting breed.  Thy=ey are calm and amazing to train and easy to love.  We will also have chocolate and cream doubles they are due in October and ready for Christmas.  Each of our precious puppies are held and loved.  We participate in the super dog program.  This is an amazing neurological stimulation program to increase social aptitude and each puppies immune system and ability to deal with change in their surroundings.  We have directly noticed this as we take them on their first car ride, vet visit and field trip to the park.  We are committed to the health, socialization and well being of each puppy.  Our goal is to bring to you a happy and healthy addition to your family.  We have over 40 reviews on facebook with a 5 star rating.  This is extremely important to us to have happy families and puppies that find forever homes.  Thank you for visiting! 

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