Puppy Instruction 

Your puppy has been growing so fast and changing daily.  They will learn quickly to meet your expectations and are eager to please and love you.

He/she has been sleeping in a puppy house with a doggy door. They have a “place designated for potty” which I recommend helping your puppy find a place to “pee” and one to “poop”, then they will be less likely to decide to make a “place” in your home. They have water always available and are fed morning and evening. They have been fed Victor Nutra Pro Adult and Puppy Food. You can change their food gradually if you wish. I will provide some for this purpose. 

We are working on potty outside but this will be all new surroundings so a lot of encouragement and consistency will need to be given in this area. (The Perfect Dog by Don Sullivan is a wonderful training program, see link on our about page) 

They are like babies they will eat, play and sleep in cycles through the day. It is important that they get rest throughout the day as they are growing so fast. 

Your puppy is under a lot of stress with all the changes it is important that you give them time to get use to you and your family before bringing it to your neighbors and family. It is hard to say how much time just be aware and take it slow. 

Your puppy is in for quiet time at about 7pm. You may need to alter these times this is just to let you know what you little guy/girl has been up to. 

Your puppy has had their first vaccination in a series of 4. They must complete the series to be left in a kennel, groomer, and vet office or with other dogs. In every environment you must be very careful to keep your puppy away from other dog’s feces or unvaccinated dogs. Deworming is also part of puppy life and should be continued for best health of your puppy. These are my recommendations; your Vet is the best to guide you through care of your puppy. 

Pick up date is at 8 weeks of age(unless arranged otherwise) and time scheduled 10 am or 2 pm@ 1976 Main St Comer, Ga @ Gazebo. Final payment can be made 10 day in advance by check, at the time of pick up cash or invoice (as you paid your deposit you can pay on original invoice). We have a 10$ per day charge after 8 weeks old.

Items to consider: 

Leash, small collar (10-15 lbs), Large crate, cushion/pillow, chew toys, retrieving toy, puppy food, ” The Perfect Dog” starter kit (bed, bath and beyond 20.00 on line) schedule their first vet visit. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we are so happy to have you in the Downeast Doodles family. Like any grandparents, we love pictures! So please post them on our Facebook page any time!!! www.facebook.com/doubledoodles

Sincerely, Downeast Doodles